Roblox Continues To Grow Reports An All Time Highest 48 Million Daily Active Users For The Month Of August 2021- Header

Roblox Continues To Grow, Reports An All Time Highest 48 Million Daily Active Users For The Month Of August, 2021

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Roblox keeps achieving greater milestones. It has reported a remarkable 48 million daily active users in August 2021 alone.

Roblox has been steadily growing, ever since the company had gone public, earlier this year. In its latest monthly report, it has shown a marked rise in its daily active users. With a record 48 million daily active users, for the month of August, 2021, it has reached an all-time record high.

The latest key metrics report from Roblox also revealed that their monthly earnings have been between $ 167 and $ 170 million. This is almost a 100 percent increase when compared year on year.

The Lil Nas X Roblox Concert

So far, the company has made extensive use of their platform for replacing several real life events. This includes hosting huge experiences like their Lil Nas X Concert last year. The company will be attempting to replicate the successes of last year’s concert as Twenty One Pilots who will be holding a concert and “related experiences” within the game, this week.

Roblox developed and published by Roblox Corporation, self-described as a “human co-experience platform”, gained a lot of popularity and traction, last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been steadily gaining popularity amongst gamers who use the platform as an online hangout spot to meet up with friends. The game has since then been growing as well as maintaining this growth both in revenue as well as numbers.

Recently, the company rolled out a test version of an in-game voice chat feature. This is being done in an attempt to allow players to communicate seamlessly through their platform, as they would not just in their real lives but above and beyond the restrictions of the real world as well.

The Twenty One Pilots Roblox Concert Experience Trailer

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