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Rocket League to Feature James Bond’s Aston Martin !

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What happens when you put Rocket League and James Bond in the same sentence? Well, perfection, obviously. In a series of good news that has been keeping gamers on their toes fingers; the latest to join the bandwagon is that James Bond’s iconic ride, the 1963 Aston Martin DB5.

The fictional British super spy is known for his flamboyancy and his style. One thing he is also famous for is his extravagant rides. The most recognizable from the rides that the British agent has driven is a 1963 Aston Martin DB5. Rocket League on the other hand, is a vehicular soccer game. Yes, you heard it right! You get to create mayhem by getting cars to play soccer. How cool is that? So introducing the legendary ride of the most recognizable spy into the gameplay is nothing short of delightful for the players of the game.

Check out Rocket League's Video for the Announcement here:

For a limited period of time, players can get their hands on the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 at the cost of 1100 credits in Rocket League’s Item Shop. This car comes in the game with absolutely authentic engine audios, decal and a very unique wheels set that can only be used for equipping this car. There have been teasers showing that several other cars from James Bond’s iconic set of rides will be debuting in the game, over the course of this year.

Speculations are rife that this collaborative effort might be directed at the promotion of the latest Bond movie, No Time to Die. The ongoing Covid-19 situation has wreaked havoc on the film’s promotion, marketing and release schedule. It is hoped that the film finally gets its theatrical release on September 30, 2021, the latest scheduled date, for the UK audience.

For the latest from the world of games, keep watching this space.

Source: YouTube, Epic Games

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