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Upcoming Game ‘Scavengers’ Enters Early Access, Know More!

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Are you looking for a new game Survival Shooter genre? We might have just the right recommendation for you. Developed and Published by Midwinter Entertainment, Scavengers is a survival, shooter, action-adventure game. This PvPvE game was announced in E3 2019 and now is all set to release. Scavenger’s Twitter handle announced that their Early Access for PC will begin on 28th April.

“New Explorers: You can get a Scavengers key via Twitch Drops! Twitch Drops won’t be running forever, but we’re building our Twitch community and we appreciate your support! Returning players: If you’ve played in Closed Beta and already have your key, you can play right away!”, they tweeted.

To maintain a fresh experience for players, Midwinter Entertainment plans to introduce seasonal objectives, maps, enemies, character, and weapons. Developers goal here is to continuously evolve and shift player strategies as they dive deeper into the frozen battleground.

Scavengers is scheduled to release on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC.

Story Plot of Scavengers:

Scavengers game is set in future where an asteroid has destroyed the moon and has crashed on Earth. This incident turn Earth into a frozen wasteland. From the asteroid ,which crashed on earth, includes an alien virus infection into monstrosities deemed “The Scourge”. The remnants of humanity escaped the wintery cataclysm, taking refuge within an orbiting space station called Sanctuary, and watched over by an A.I. called “Mother,” who requests (or rather, demands) that survivors return to Earth to gather data and supplies.

Watch Scavengers Official Gameplay Trailer Here!