Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Announced!-Header

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition Announced!

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is probably one of the most popular open world RPGs there is out there. And very rightly so! The engaging storyline and the immersive gameplay has been catching and holding the attention of all those who have tried this game, ever since its release in 2011.

It will be the tenth anniversary for Skyrim soon enough. And the popularity of the game is ever on the rise. In honour of this anniversary, Bethesda announced that a special 10th anniversary of the game will be announced for next-gen consoles, and will have several new enhancements.

Reveal Showcase for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition!

The best is yet to come! This edition of Skyrim will be available for PlayStation® 5 as well as Xbox Series X|S. With the recent acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, the availability of their games on Sony platforms was a growing concern amongst console users. However, they can rest assured, for now, that this particular edition of the game will be available to them.

This Anniversary Edition will not only have content worth of ten years along with some new features. One of the most awaited amongst these new features is the free fishing mechanic. For those that own the Skyrim Special Edition will get an upgrade path to the Anniversary Edition. But it will not be free. However, for all those that want to play the game on next-gen consoles will be getting a free next-gen upgrade.

Relive the Opening of Skyrim with the Creators from Bethesda Game Studios

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has, since its release gotten several re-releases and upgrades. With the most recent remastered version being released on the occasion of the game’s fifth anniversary, in 2016. This version made the game available for PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One. The Tenth Anniversary edition remaster for the game will be released in November, 11, 2021.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the fifth main instalment in the Elder Scrolls games franchise. This game developed by Bethesda Game Studio and published by Bethesda Softworks is one of the most popular open world RPG games. The remastered game will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Relive the Memories with the Official Trailer for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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