Splitgate Open Beta Downloaded 10 Million Times, Full Release Gets Delayed Infinitely: Details Inside- Header

Splitgate Open Beta Downloaded 10 Million Times, Full Release Gets Delayed Infinitely: Details Inside

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Splitgate has been gaining a lot of popularity. This is evident from the number of downloads of the open beta for the game. Believe it or not, ever since the launch it has been downloaded 10 million times. However, not everything is hunky dory.

With achieving this milestone, several problems have cropped up. The developers, 1047 Games announced that Splitgate will be in this open beta phase for the upcoming “foreseeable future”. The battle pass, however, for the free to play beta will be ending on August 24, 2021. This implies that players will be getting an approximately week-long window to quickly level-up by either buying levels or by completing the gameplay to get access to all the items on the pass.

Check the Official Open Beta Trailer for Splitgate!

It is understood that the sudden influx of massive number of players have given rise to these problems. Addressing the issue at hand, the statement released by the studio states that the scalability issues for Splitgate need “complex fixes”. The developers further teased that more news about the game will be revealed on Gamescon to be held on August 25, 2021. There was no mention of when a full release for the game can be expected to happen.

Ever since the early access release in 2019, Splitgate has been gaining much popularity. And deservedly so! The original plan for the studio was to go ahead with the official release of the 1.0 version of the game in August 2021. However, the current problems indicate that the launch had to be delayed to an unannounced date in the future. 1047 Games, however, stated that, in the meanwhile, they have been working on current-gen upgrades for the game. No release timelines for the same were also not given out.

Splitgate has emerged as a pleasant combination of Portal and Halo. Both are very well-loved game franchises, in their own right. The game has been very well-received by several and many were looking forward to the official release.

The open for all, free beta for Splitgate is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation® 5 and PlayStation® 4. The game, developed and published by 1047 Games is a multiple player, first person shooter game. It has often been hailed by players as a combination between Halo and Portal.

Check the Official Visual Overhaul Trailer for Splitgate!

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