The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Pre-order Starts Today, October 19, 2021- Header

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Available For Pre-order, Today, October 19, 2021, Onwards

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is now available for pre-orders, starting today.

There indeed is quite a bit of truth in the saying “Be careful what you wish for”. Otherwise, how could, what initially started as a meme ended up becoming a real, life size product that you can soon be able to purchase, soon?! Not that we are complaining. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridges are now up for pre-order, as per a blog on the Xbox Wire!

Intended, like most memes, to get some laughs, the memes likened the appearance of the console to that of a mini fridge. This had then led to the one off creation of a full size fridge that even had a built in Xbox Series X console. This prompted Microsoft to look into the mini fridge spin-off.

Speaking of the mini fridges, Microsoft states, “What started as a viral meme became a life-size reality when we created the world’s first ever, fastest, and most powerful Xbox Series X Fridge, a 6-foot, 400 pound, 1:1 scale replica of our beloved console”. This is in reference to the viral meme that had started it all.

Further, in the blog, Microsoft says that “we didn’t stop there. After an all-out Twitter war and battle of the brands, Xbox came out on top with your votes, so we vowed to make your mini fridge memes a reality”. Microsoft had revealed the first look for the mini fridge during the Xbox E3 Showcase. The company says that it is now time to “give our fans what they’ve been waiting for just in time for the holidays. Introducing Xbox Series X Replica ‘Mini Fridge’”.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Are Up For Pre-order Now!

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridges, however, will not be outfitted with the Xbox Series X consoles. But it does have enough space to hold ten cans of the drink of your choice, along with two door shelves, intended for storing snacks. The mini fridge will also be featuring an USB charging port along with a DC converter which will also allow the users to use the fridge, on the go, as well.

In the United States of America, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridges will be exclusively available at Target and has been priced at $ 99.99. In the United Kingdom, it will be available at £ 89.99 at Game. Micromania (France), Tonyk (Italy, Poland, France, Netherlands, Spain) and GameStop EU (Germany, Ireland, France, Italy) will be selling them in Europe at the price of € 99.

Microsoft is still working out on increasing its availability. And in that direction, they will continue to “to expand regional availability in 2022, pending regulatory approvals and restrictions by market“. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridges would be arriving at multiple retailers, globally on December, 2021.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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