The Xbox Virtual Museum Also Includes The Xbox 360’s Red Ring Of Death- Header

The Xbox Virtual Museum Also Includes The Xbox 360’s Red Ring Of Death

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The Xbox Virtual Museum celebrates the twenty years of the console.

The Xbox Virtual Museum Also Includes The Xbox 360’s Red Ring Of Death- Inner 1
Image: Xbox Museum

The Xbox console turned twenty this year. And Microsoft has gone all out to celebrate this milestone anniversary. The company has, throughout the entire year, held events and launched products, such as the 20th anniversary edition translucent Xbox controller and headsets, the Xbox inspired sneakers from Adidas and the Xbox Series X inspired mini fridge. And while the twentieth anniversary was on November 15, 2021, the celebrations are far from over!

As a part of the celebrations, the company has also included a Virtual Museum. The Virtual Museum intends to take the players on a trip down the memory lane, remembering and reminding them of the good times and the bad.

This Virtual Museum will allow the users to take a look at the history of the console and all the developments and change that it has been through, and all of this, right from the comforts of their own homes. The company is not hesitant to embrace the bad times, and this is evident from the museum as well.

The Xbox Virtual Museum Celebrates All The Milestones The Console Has Crossed In The Last Two Decades

Speaking of which, one of the features that has been captured by the Virtual Museum, is the dreaded Red Ring of Death, an “iconicXbox 360 feature. This was identified as the three flashing red light of the consoles power button and indicated that the console was unplayable, at most times, permanently.

The Xbox Virtual Museum Also Includes The Xbox 360’s Red Ring Of Death- Inner
Image: Xbox Museum

The Red Ring of Death had no apparent cause, however, it caused large scale trouble for Microsoft. The exhibit in the Virtual Museum praises the quick action the compay took, in the words, “Microsoft spends [sic] over a billion dollars to repair faulty consoles and extend the 360’s warranty period from one to three years”. This was but just one of the not so rosy incidents from the twenty year long history of the much loved console.

Another exhibit in the Virtual Museum is dedicated to the Project Natal. Later on, it went on to be known as Kinect. It refers to the company’s attempt at motion control, following in the footsteps of the massive success of the Wii. The project was very ambitious but it was not very well received. Players preferred the classic Xbox controller over it and the project was a failure.

Through the past twenty years, the Xbox has undergone many changes. The one thing that has remained constant is that ever since it was launched for the first time in November 15, 2001, it has been a game changer and has continued to keep on evolving. The console’s history is rich and most definitely worth exploring. And the Virtual Museum, is a wonderful dedication to the console and its rich history.

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Source: The Xbox Virtual Museum

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