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Titanfall 2 Broke It’s All Time Record Players

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Yesterday, Titanfall 2 recorded it’s all time record all time peak on concurrent players with around 17,000 players worldwide. After a successful drive of sale on Titanfall 2 on Steam, players were immediately driven by it’s 75% off offer thus contributing to huge amount of players.

However, this may not have been the main reason for the surge as some may suggest. After a recent announcement of the new Apex Legends season from Respawn Entertainment, they have directly referred to the Titanfall characters and its story points. Apex Legend Season 9 will introduce ‘Valkyrie’ who is the daughter of Titanfall 2 character ‘Viper’. Alongside, Respawn Entertainment has been dropping hints like these and some are suspecting a whole new universe of characters in upcoming seasons.

This surge of players was also seen when Titanfall 2 was released on Steam last year in June 2020. Few days later, the developers saw around 13,000 concurrent players on Steam.

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