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Watch Dogs Legion’s Update Delayed !

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Recently, Watch Dogs Legion Developers came out on their official twitter handle (@watchdogsgame) announced delay in it’s upcoming major update. The update for Watch Dogs Legion was schelduled in late Arpil which has now been pushed to 4th May 2021. Ubisoft said, “we encountered some issues that we need to address before deploying.” and moving ahead the update release date will allow them to fix more bugs flagged by Watch Dogs Legion’s players.

What’s New in Upcoming Watch Dogs Legion’s Update:

Firstly, the update is expected to fix the issue where NPC’s and drones in gameplay are continuously spawning after player enters any online mode. Alongside, a new-playable character named ‘Mina Sidhu’ will also be a part of this update. Mina Sidhu was a test subject but now comes along with ‘the power of mind control’. A few other new characters include a DJ and a first responder .Also, fresh mission and assignments are scheduled in this major update.

For all Season Pass owners Mina and a new quest are to be available, but Title Update 4.0. will also add more co-op challenges, new tasks, advanced character adaptations and two new characters for all players. In DJ & First React.

Watch Dogs Legion's Update Delayed - Twitter Image
Source: (@watchdogsgame)

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