Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud Launched for Android

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The Xbox Game Pass is developed for the game streaming facility in Android phones. Microsoft has released the latest gaming feature xCloud for all its ultimate subscribers from August 11th. This beta version of the app is for the limited time period ensuring smooth seamless cloud gaming experience to the users. The preview version will stop on September 11th, 2020 before the Project xCloud goes live.

Xbox Game Pass- Everything you should know!

The Game Pass ultimate subscriptions was earlier announced in 2019. There are around 30 titles available for the beta version ahead of the next month’s official launch of the Xbox Pass where more than 100 titles will be available after the app goes live.


The company added xCloud to the marketplace at no extra expense to customers by pressing Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate as the main subscription service. Xbox Live Gold will now be included in the package with players who subscribe to this service.


Project xCloud was initially announced for both iOS and Android users but according to the sources, Project xCloud is currently blocked from the iOS store therefore the Apple users have to wait a bit longer for its release.

How much Xbox Game Pass will cost?

The Game Pass is the costliest choice offered at £10.99 a month to Xbox subscribers (US$ 14.99). It will also give access to a game library of 100+ games some of which are highly anticipated first-party game titles.


All users can download the Game Pass beta app on their android phone through the Google Play Store. However, the official release of the app is scheduled to be on September 15th.


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