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Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and X: The Fastest Selling Xbox ?

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There has been a growing shortage in the semiconductor chip supply that has been greatly affecting supply in the electronics industry. Despite it all the Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft’s latest offering of consoles have been selling steadily. Since its launch in November, 2020, over 6.5 million units have been sold.

According to a statement by Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO,the Xbox Series S and X are so far Microsoft’s fastest selling consoles ever. This series has sold more number of consoles since its launch compared to any other by Microsoft, so far.” Such remarkable sales in the face of such significant crisis in the supply of semiconductor chips, is indeed worth mentioning.

According to Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, states that according to their firm’s estimates for the consoles, “the total sell-in figure for the Xbox Series X|S till June 30, 2021, is 6.5 million, which is significantly greater than their estimate for Xbox One (5.7 million) and Xbox 360 (5.0 million), for a similar period of time, since their launch dates.

First party game sales as well as the sales for the Xbox Game Pass also surged during this time period. According to the Quarterly Reports for Xbox, the Gaming Revenue increased by 11% ($ 357 million), revenue from Xbox hardware also saw a 172% increase (the Xbox series S and X gave a good boost), Game Pass as well as first-party game sales also received a significant boost. However, a decline in the third-party titles led to a 4% decrease in Content and Services.

Check-out the Xbox Series S and X Launch Celebration Video Here:

It is also noteworthy to mention that the PlayStation 5 which was also launched around the same time as the Xbox Series S and X has also been selling extremely well. It is also the fastest selling PlayStation console. Sony and Nintendo are also expected to release their Quarterly Reports within the week. We will be bringing it to you, right here at Spawn-Point.

Once again, I’d like to remind you the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is live till August 5, 2021.

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